44 days to go

I can't belive that I only have 44 days left in Norway. With all my friends, my family, my room, my dog. It didn't become reality before a week ago when I got my host family. For ten months I will live on 35 Glynde Avenue, Eastbourne. 12 km from my school, Hailsham Community College. I'm going to live with another EF student, 3 dogs, 6 cats, hamsters and chinchillas. I'll have a hostmother, a hostfather and a hostbrother. 44 days. Doesn't seem that long ago I had more than 100 days left. 

Eastbourne is so close to France I figured. I've always known kind of where it is in England, but I've figured out that by car it takes one and a half hour to get to London. It has a lot of coast and beaches as you can see in the picture. It still seems so unreal!

This is a part of my school, I think it is the sportshall. 

I've tried contacting my host family and my IEC, but none of them has responded to my emails. Frustration, you can imagine. But I just emailed my RC, Guilia, so hopefully she will respond soon. 
I just needed to let some thought out, and this is the first post on my blog as an exchange student. I will write something later about myself, the packing and stuff like that. I will do my best to update you on my new life.  

Emily Bach♥

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