I can't believe how it can only be one week til I leave. ONE DAMN WEEK! It still seems so unreal and so far away. But it's not. I have barely even started thinking about packing. I've only just figured out which pair of shoes that will join me. It's all crazy crazy crazy. The last couple of weeks I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with family and friends. Been working a lot though and Grey's Anatomy has caught up a lot of my time, but still. It's been more than a month since my last post. I've been in Denmark twice visting my family, I've been with my best friend in the entire world who is now halfway across the world. I've travelled to Turkey with my mum, my brothers and her boyfriend. I think that I've spent my last month pretty good. And so I will do with my last week home. 

The beach in Turkey

Out with Vemund and Sandra

Me and my dog Felix in Denmark

The last couple of nights I've been skyping with my best friend, Linn(Veronica, I don't know what you prefer haha). She's in America and I feel so lonley. She starts school tomorrow and is freaking 8 hours away, living with her host family in Idaho. So yeah, if you read this I MISS YOU (you already knew that)! 

ANYWAYS! I recived my flight tickets two days ago and 1.10PM I will leave Norway, but my journey starts already at 8.55 when I take off from our airport in Kristiansand. My dad will be there with my other best friend Sandra and say goodbye and cry and stuff like that. It's all so bittersweet. That's a perfect description of being an exchangestudent. Bittersweet. Because it is all so exciting, new, special and you're a butterflywreck. But on the other hand it sucks really much to know that you will be away from your family, your friends, all the social things that you've finally become a part of. But it will all be there when I come back. So bittersweet. 

I think I should finish up now and do something else, like go to work or clean my room or something like that... So I will do that - keep posted!!

Emily Bach

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