Everything is so perfect right now! The last couple of days we've been to camp, which was awesome. I met a lot of people that I'm going to go to school with and I met Alice(my hostsister) for the first time. There was some activities and we went to the city of Winchester and just got mentally ready for meeting our host families. 

Yesterday we travelled by bus to Eastbourne and was picked up by our families. It was lovely to meet Diane and Liam for the first time. They have been so nice and both me and Alice feel like we fit in already! We are sharing a room, and it is just so nice here. I took some pictures of our room this morning so you can see it

We're in the Marilyn-room, so if we go to Madam Tussauds we have to take a picture with her and put it on the wall!

 Today we are going over to some friends of Diane and Liams and later we will have a BBQ with 10 german girls that is on language school (one of them lives in our house, her name is Runa and she seems really nice). 

So now you know that I'm alive and I'm having a great time. There will be more interesting posts later, but I just have to settle down and get in rutine first. Hope you're all fine wherever you are :)

Emily Bach♥ 

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