Hello! This day is so chill. Me and Alice have done nothing except we went to Hampden Park for an hour. It's such a  beautiful park with this little pond filled with ducks, swans, seagels and goose. We also went to Tesco to buy some stuff that we needed and went to a little library, just to check it out. These days have been very lazy, mostly because both of us are so tired all the time. It's hard to turn your mind around, everything is new and you start to notice the difference between here and back home. But Diane has told us to just relax before school starts and if we are tired we can just go upstairs to sleep. 

I brought my camera to the park, just to show you my surroundings. Alice and I figured that we needed our own little place in the park, so that was the goal of today. We found one, under a big tree. The entire park is fillled with birds and squirrels, so we really enjoyed it there. 

Favorite chocolate ♥♥♥

It's so beautiful here!! 

Now I'm gonna skype with Sunniva, and then we will see that else we will do today!

Emily Bach♥

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