The Trio in Brighton

Hey! The last couple of days I've only had time to kill, so nothing special has happend. On Wednesday though all the students went to the school to pick our subjects and get some information. My subjects for now is history, law, sociology and drama. We also have to have math and english, and if I'm lucky we might have spanish as well so I don't have to take my exams at home. The school is huge, so the first couple of days might be a bit confusing for everyone, but we'll figure it out. We start on Monday and I'm actually really excited. 

Today I went to Brighton with Sean and Siri. We did some shopping and ate on this fancy café were you could take cooking classes and it was inspired by Jamie Oliver(or something like that). The weather was just all grey, but not cold or rainy. We stayed in most of the day though in Churchill Shoppingcenter. Wow, I already love it. It has shops like Hollister, Zara, Pull&Bear, Berhska, Urban Outfitters and Aldo. I ended up with a new pair of Converse and a really soft  hoodie from Hollister. 

Sean and Siri on the beach

My toast - so yummy!!!

I just had to post this picture of me and Sean! We were on the train and Siri was exploring my camera and took this. It's just so funny, our faces are ridiculous!!

Now it's almost time for dinner and then I guess me and Alice are watching another movie, maybe go to Tesco and get some sweets - hope you're all good at home!!


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