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Long time, no see!!

So much has happened the last two weeks, I don't really know where to begin!!

I think this is the Saturday before school started. I was on the beach with Alice, Siri and Josephine. We had bought cupcakes and macaroons and just talked for a couple of hours. 

Then we started school Monday 8th of September. My subjects are now drama, law, sociology, maths and English. The last two subjects every EF-student has to take, but the 3 first I've chosen myself. I'm really happy with my subjects and I think it will be a really good year. 

Last Sunday there was a festival in town, so me, Alice, Altea and Josephine went there just to see what it was. It was a bit boring, not really my type of festival, with too loud rock-music and way too many people walking around in pirate costumes. But it was alright, and at least we did something that day. 

I haven't really brought my camera around the last week, but I thought maybe I could show you some pictures from my phone instead.

// 1.Me and Alice // 2. Beautiful Glynde Avenue, such a lovely street // 3. The beach // 4. Mia, one of the dogs. She's so cute and happy all the time // 5. Sean, Siri and me in town // Me and Siri on the bus last week //

// 1. Me, Alice and Sean bowling last Friday // 2.Altea, me, Alice and Josephine on the festival // 3. Me and Tyler // 4. Waiting for the bus, they are always late.... // 
5. Dange having a moment loving me // 6. THIS IS SO COOL, there was a lightning storm on Friday, no thunder, no sound, just the lightning. It was so cool and amazing to see!! Not a really good picture, but I have it on film if anyone would like to see it!

Today I've got so much homework to do, 3 essays for law, a story to write in drama and half a booklet to finish in sociology, so it will be a busy day/week. I know that I won't be doing everything today, luckily most of it due in the end of the week. Tonight a group of people are going bowling, I will bring my camera so I have something interesting to tell you the coming week!


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