One month

I can't believe I've already been here for a month. It feels like ages ago when dad dropped me off at the airport. Feels like I've known Alice, Sean and Siri for my entire life. I feel so comfortable around these people and right now it seems like I could live here forever. I love walking to the bus-stop in the morning, seeing all the squirrels, sometimes a rabbit and just feeling the morning peace. I love living so close to everything, to every bus-stop, to the park, to the train-station, to my friends. I really enjoy coming home everyday and eating dinner with 6 other people around the table. I love movie nights with tea and scones. I feel comfortable here. It's my English home. 

But again, you see those little differences and sometimes you just miss home. You miss knowing everything and everyone around you. You miss understanding every word and every sentence. You miss knowing how the Tv works and where the best walks are. I miss having control, because sometimes I feel like there is no control over what I am doing here. I loose control and I need to sit down for a moment. Alone. I never imagined being so happy here, but I never imagined I would miss those small things that happens at home everyday either. 

I am so grateful that I have this opportunity. I feel so lucky to be around the people I am right now, I am so lucky to know so many amazing students, both foreign and local. I really appreciate being here - 

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21.10.2014 kl.09:17

Hi Emily

Lovely blog!

A "high five" for you!

Greets from Dublin


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