Long time, no see

Wow, more than a month since my last post. That's a bit embarrassing. Well, I might as well tell you what has happened since last, not that it is much.

At the moment we have mid-term. Mum came over to visit me and we had a lovely time. We went shopping, a bit sightseeing on the seafront and ate a lot of good food.  

2 weekends ago we went to bonfire night in Hailsham. There was a parade and everything ended with a beautiful firework. It was a really nice evening out with friends and fun.

Kyle, Joe, Ryan, Faysul, Sean, Annie, Nadia, Alice and me. 

Kyle, Siri, Joe and me. 

Other than that not much has happened since last. We go to school everyday and go out with friends every now and then. Go to town, be with Tyler, watch movies and Grey's Anatomy, chill with the cats, eat food and just enjoy every single day. 

 Photobooth in school with Kyle, Siri, Ben and Alice. 

Dinner at the Harvester with Signe, Alice, Joe, Siri, Kyle and Sean in the beginning of October. 

Siri ♥

Today I'm gonna do some homework and probably just lay in bed since I've got a cold. Paracetamol, lemzip, tissues and nosespray are my best friends these days, so hopefully it will be gone before school starts on Monday. 


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