Long time, no see

Wow, more than a month since my last post. That's a bit embarrassing. Well, I might as well tell you what has happened since last, not that it is much.

At the moment we have mid-term. Mum came over to visit me and we had a lovely time. We went shopping, a bit sightseeing on the seafront and ate a lot of good food.  

2 weekends ago we went to bonfire night in Hailsham. There was a parade and everything ended with a beautiful firework. It was a really nice evening out with friends and fun.

Kyle, Joe, Ryan, Faysul, Sean, Annie, Nadia, Alice and me. 

Kyle, Siri, Joe and me. 

Other than that not much has happened since last. We go to school everyday and go out with friends every now and then. Go to town, be with Tyler, watch movies and Grey's Anatomy, chill with the cats, eat food and just enjoy every single day. 

 Photobooth in school with Kyle, Siri, Ben and Alice. 

Dinner at the Harvester with Signe, Alice, Joe, Siri, Kyle and Sean in the beginning of October. 

Siri ♥

Today I'm gonna do some homework and probably just lay in bed since I've got a cold. Paracetamol, lemzip, tissues and nosespray are my best friends these days, so hopefully it will be gone before school starts on Monday. 


S t r i k e

So last night we went bowling and laser questing! It was so fun to be surrounded by friends, both EF's and our new friends from school! Most of my pictures were really blurry, something has happened to my camera, but I got a few good shots.

Emily, Laura, Josefine, Ryan, Alice, me, Sean, Faysul, Tyler, Signe, Yosh, Ben, Siri, Kyle, Rasan and Zoe. 

After the bowling I went with Ben, Tyler, Alice and Kyle to eat pizza and just hang for a bit before we had to go home. Great night!

Emily Bach

update time

Long time, no see!!

So much has happened the last two weeks, I don't really know where to begin!!

I think this is the Saturday before school started. I was on the beach with Alice, Siri and Josephine. We had bought cupcakes and macaroons and just talked for a couple of hours. 

Then we started school Monday 8th of September. My subjects are now drama, law, sociology, maths and English. The last two subjects every EF-student has to take, but the 3 first I've chosen myself. I'm really happy with my subjects and I think it will be a really good year. 

Last Sunday there was a festival in town, so me, Alice, Altea and Josephine went there just to see what it was. It was a bit boring, not really my type of festival, with too loud rock-music and way too many people walking around in pirate costumes. But it was alright, and at least we did something that day. 

I haven't really brought my camera around the last week, but I thought maybe I could show you some pictures from my phone instead.

// 1.Me and Alice // 2. Beautiful Glynde Avenue, such a lovely street // 3. The beach // 4. Mia, one of the dogs. She's so cute and happy all the time // 5. Sean, Siri and me in town // Me and Siri on the bus last week //

// 1. Me, Alice and Sean bowling last Friday // 2.Altea, me, Alice and Josephine on the festival // 3. Me and Tyler // 4. Waiting for the bus, they are always late.... // 
5. Dange having a moment loving me // 6. THIS IS SO COOL, there was a lightning storm on Friday, no thunder, no sound, just the lightning. It was so cool and amazing to see!! Not a really good picture, but I have it on film if anyone would like to see it!

Today I've got so much homework to do, 3 essays for law, a story to write in drama and half a booklet to finish in sociology, so it will be a busy day/week. I know that I won't be doing everything today, luckily most of it due in the end of the week. Tonight a group of people are going bowling, I will bring my camera so I have something interesting to tell you the coming week!


The Trio in Brighton

Hey! The last couple of days I've only had time to kill, so nothing special has happend. On Wednesday though all the students went to the school to pick our subjects and get some information. My subjects for now is history, law, sociology and drama. We also have to have math and english, and if I'm lucky we might have spanish as well so I don't have to take my exams at home. The school is huge, so the first couple of days might be a bit confusing for everyone, but we'll figure it out. We start on Monday and I'm actually really excited. 

Today I went to Brighton with Sean and Siri. We did some shopping and ate on this fancy café were you could take cooking classes and it was inspired by Jamie Oliver(or something like that). The weather was just all grey, but not cold or rainy. We stayed in most of the day though in Churchill Shoppingcenter. Wow, I already love it. It has shops like Hollister, Zara, Pull&Bear, Berhska, Urban Outfitters and Aldo. I ended up with a new pair of Converse and a really soft  hoodie from Hollister. 

Sean and Siri on the beach

My toast - so yummy!!!

I just had to post this picture of me and Sean! We were on the train and Siri was exploring my camera and took this. It's just so funny, our faces are ridiculous!!

Now it's almost time for dinner and then I guess me and Alice are watching another movie, maybe go to Tesco and get some sweets - hope you're all good at home!!



Hello! This day is so chill. Me and Alice have done nothing except we went to Hampden Park for an hour. It's such a  beautiful park with this little pond filled with ducks, swans, seagels and goose. We also went to Tesco to buy some stuff that we needed and went to a little library, just to check it out. These days have been very lazy, mostly because both of us are so tired all the time. It's hard to turn your mind around, everything is new and you start to notice the difference between here and back home. But Diane has told us to just relax before school starts and if we are tired we can just go upstairs to sleep. 

I brought my camera to the park, just to show you my surroundings. Alice and I figured that we needed our own little place in the park, so that was the goal of today. We found one, under a big tree. The entire park is fillled with birds and squirrels, so we really enjoyed it there. 

Favorite chocolate ♥♥♥

It's so beautiful here!! 

Now I'm gonna skype with Sunniva, and then we will see that else we will do today!

Emily Bach♥


Everything is so perfect right now! The last couple of days we've been to camp, which was awesome. I met a lot of people that I'm going to go to school with and I met Alice(my hostsister) for the first time. There was some activities and we went to the city of Winchester and just got mentally ready for meeting our host families. 

Yesterday we travelled by bus to Eastbourne and was picked up by our families. It was lovely to meet Diane and Liam for the first time. They have been so nice and both me and Alice feel like we fit in already! We are sharing a room, and it is just so nice here. I took some pictures of our room this morning so you can see it

We're in the Marilyn-room, so if we go to Madam Tussauds we have to take a picture with her and put it on the wall!

 Today we are going over to some friends of Diane and Liams and later we will have a BBQ with 10 german girls that is on language school (one of them lives in our house, her name is Runa and she seems really nice). 

So now you know that I'm alive and I'm having a great time. There will be more interesting posts later, but I just have to settle down and get in rutine first. Hope you're all fine wherever you are :)

Emily Bach♥ 

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