New clothes

Today me and Alice went into town for the first time! We took the bus with another girl living in our house, Chi, and she showed us the bus-stop, where to get off and where to get back on again. I did a little(a lot) shopping and we also bought hangers and a bag to put our laundery in. It seemed like most of the exchangestudents were shopping today, because at the end of the day most of us sat in the Arndale shoppingcenter and chatted. We had arranged to meet up with Sean and Siri, so it has been the four of us together all day. Sean showed us the train on our way home and we live so close to both the bus-stop and the trainstation. There will probably be a lot of traintrips to both London and Brighton through the year. And since I forgot my camera, I don't have any pictures from today. But I took pictures of what I bought instead. It's good to have some new clothes when school starts. 

Nice foot....

Cardigan from New Look ~ Tanktop from Topshop

Cardigan from Primark ~ Tanktop from Topshop

New Look


Finally found the perfect black pumps!!!! They are from New Look

Jeans from River Island - feels just like Dr.Denim!!

Ripped jeans from Topshop

Tonight we're just gonna relax with dinner and maybe a movie. Only our hostbrother Stephen is home with all the hostdaughters, so it will be nice to get to know him better. 

Talk to you tomorrow -
Emily Bach♥ 

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